Swift Products strives to identify the very best value knives and blades for our customers.
We source our knives and blades from highly regarded European and American manufacturers. They specialise in developing blades and knives for cutting all types of foams, insulation & packaging materials and in food processing.

Knives & Blades for cutting foams, insulation and packaging
Swift supplies PU foam converters with cutting blades and knives suitable for all machines, from A. Baumer, Fecken Kirfel, FEMA, Parken, RAM, Wintech, Sunkist and many other makes.
Our knives and blades are made from the best materials that specialty steel makers in Sweden, Switzerland and the USA can produce. The high quality materials mean that customers can expect excellent performance, particularly a long life. That means less production downtime and less material losses.

Blades for food processing in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Swift has Hard Edged Reciprocating Slicing Blades to suit many makes of : Meat Slicing blades for Grasselli, SCANVAEGT and other meat and poultry slicing and portioning machines.

Tissue Cutting Blades
These blades are used in medical applications.

We supply abrasive cutting wires suitable for all brands of machines that cut insulation materials such as Rockwool, foamglass / cellular glass, rigid and flexible polyurethane, calcium silicate, phenolic foam, rebonded foams, extruded polystyrene, loosely woven materials and foil composites.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Instruments
Swift also supplies Thickness Testers and accessories. These ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing (NDT) instruments can be used to test steel and other metals as well as a variety of other materials. NDT testing of pipes is vital for safety in the chemical, food processing and oil & gas industries.

We are here to help you – just ask
If you are having difficulty cutting certain materials or finding an affordable alternative to your OEM blades, please ask us for advice.


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